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Technology Strategy

Technology strategy provides the overarching technological direction of your organization. A sound technology strategy puts the highly qualified staff of your specialised knowledge organization into the position to independently take technical decisions that are consistent and confluent. To this end, the strategy must not just state guidelines, but explain the rationale behind them.

For a technology strategy to achieve these goals, it should rest on an analysis that comprises the following elements:

Which grand political, societal and economical developments do you expect to lie ahead? Which technological advances do you foresee? In combination with the values embodied in your organization, the resulting vision forms the basis for technology decisions. This take on the future is not a universal truth but the preferred hypothesis of your particular oarganization at present. It helps your employees to answer the all-important questions of „why?“

Which technologies will open up new chances within the current fields of business of your organization? Which fields will disappear? Which of your current products or services, which expertise and resources of your organization will be substituted by technical means?

What happens if your hypothesis of the future turns out to be wrong? An effective risk management should complement your hypothesis of the future, where you describe checkpoints and mitigation plans for the major risks the chosen strategy entails. It allows your organization to deliberate which risks it is willing to take; and it provides guidance for the admissible risk of individual, local decision making.

The above analysis forms the basis for your organization’s strategic technology guidelines, as well as for concrete guidance like:

  • Which technologies should your organization adopt?
  • Which type of technological expertise should ramp up? Where is internal qualification called for? Where should you rely on external expertise?
  • Which technological artifacts do you consider assets that should be fostered and improved upon? Which assets no longer fit in with the technological core of your organization?

We provide support for fundamentally analyzing such questions. We look at the scientific foundations and the likely evolution of technologies to differentiate between essence and hype, and to properly value the potential of a new technology: Which problems does it address fundamentally? What is it able to do, what is hyperbole? What can it evolve into? Through research, interviews and own prototyping, we evaluate a technology’s maturity. Jointly with experts from your organization, we check the fit of a new technology with your established processes and tools; and we evaluate the chances of a new technology to complement the expertise available in your organization to solve problems in novel ways.

As a sparring partner, we are available to challenge your vision of the future and your risk analysis. We provide an independent outside view to figure out if your current and envisioned technological strategy is in accord with your vision of the future.

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