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It is not always obvious if some novel technology or some specific architectural approach provides a solution to a given problem, or if some idea is practicable and marketable. Maybe it is an overrated hype, maybe a promising solution but for a slightly different problem. Maybe, though, some new technology or process does solve a problem you did not know existed. Two very disparate examples: Does it make sense to replace some legacy ASN.1 messages with JSON web services or maybe Protocol Buffers? Is the hyped blockchain a solution for some concrete problem in your organization?


There are no global answers for most of the questions above. Yet, decisions on the basis of superficial knowledge or peer pressure may miss the actual demand, may result in liabilities, lead to wasted development effort, and upset your development team that claimed to know it better from the outset.

A pragmatic approach is protoyping – both to determine if and how a certain technology can indeed be used beneficially, and as a chance for your team to engage with the technology and to make it their own, instead of refusing it as „not invented here.“ Jointly with your team, we can set up prototyping projects to efficiently test a well-formulated hypothesis; and we can accompany you in systematically evaluating the experiences gathered. Being tech-savvy folks ourselves, we are happy to joint the prototyping work and thus speed up the learning.

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