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Architecture Review

Do you need an independent, well-founded opinion on the quality, security or robustness of a system? E.g., for accepting an externally developed part, or when evaluating a strategic repositioning of your infrastructure? Maybe you need a second opinion on a system you intend to procure? An evaluation, if an existing system is fit for enhancements, or if a replacement should be called for? Does the technical basis of an existing system suffice to satisfy additional requirements? Are you running a risk to end up in a technological dead-ended?

We help you answering this kind of questions, by means of a thorough and comprehensive review of the architecture, implementation and the operating processes of an existing system; by evaluating technological advances, changes in regulation, and the quality of suppliers and of-the-shelve products. Our starting point is a solid understanding of the system in question. Therefore, we proceed similarly as we would for a complete systems analysis and documentation. Yet, we limit our analysis to those aspects that are of direct relevance to the decisions you want to take, while we might dig deeper on non-systems issues, such as licence terms and development roadmaps for third-party components, the strength of a specific open source community, or even review an external component’s source-code to judge its quality. We condense our observations, derive our subjective conclusions and put them into relation with your requirements and to the performance and quality we encounter in other systems.

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