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Architecture and System Design

Systems architecture is the fundamental, goal-oriented organization of a system. To allow for agile learning, architecture design for us is not an isolated upfront activity; rather, it should run from making sense of the strategic goals the system is supposed to accomplish all the way through implementation and deployment. We provide support in all phases of architecture design: From basic system understanding, scoping and definition of the minimum viable increment (MVI) to architecture description and its incremental refinement via models, prototypes and executable artefacts.

Our services range from architecture sketches and purely conceptual projects all the way to a complete system design jointly with your teams. For the latter, we oftentimes recommend a risk-aware agile approach, where team- and management-understanding of the system increases by realizing end-to-end functionality early on via simulation models, functional mock-ups and prototypes. During a joint project, we strive  to manifest the architecture in models, source code, and – most importantly –  as a shared mental model of team and management.

For both architecture analysis and design, we rely on semi-formal models and establish a universal terminology. To support and structure our work, we use methods from several architecture frameworks like TOGAF. Formal architecture documentation can be tailored to your needs; e.g., formal according to ISO 42010, or pragmatic via, e.g., arc-42 templates.

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