Dr. Ulrich Schuster
Hauptstr. 139, 10827 Berlin
+49 151 1455 1232

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Technical Expertise

In the following technical areas, I have extensive expertise and skills as well as practical experience from my work in development and research:
  • Information sciences and computer sciences: Information theory, statistical signal processing, information and data representation, models of computation, algorithms, data structures, computer architecture.
  • System and application development: Object-oriented analysis and design, databases, enterprise patterns, SOA, microservices, ReST and SOAP interfaces, distributed systems and protocols, CI/CD, variability and variant management, software test.
  • IT-security: Identity management, cryptographic algorithms and protocols, security analysis.
  • Communications engineering: Radio channels and antennas, digital receivers, coding, protocols, networking.
  • Mathematical methods: Real and complex analysis, functional analysis, linear and abstract algebra, probability and statistics, combinatorics, numerics, simulation and modeling.
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