Dr. Ulrich Schuster
Hauptstr. 139, 10827 Berlin
+49 151 1455 1232

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Application Areas and Domain Expertise

Throughout my professional career, I took the opportunity to broaden my horizon and enter new application areas. Thus, I learned to work in different fields, understand the relevant terminology, and apply the respective domain-specific methods. I know how to establish myself in a new application area and how to cooperate at eye level both with domain experts and with middle and upper management. Currently, I feel at home in the following domains:
Automotive and Electric Mobility

Development of software-intensive and cyber-physical systems; in particular for electric mobility and automated driving. Sensors, control units; battery and charging management systems; charging infrastructure.


Development and certification of smart metering systems; smart-grid integration of electric vehicles and other distributed assets.


Development of electronic health records and systems to interconnect provides, payers and patients.

R&D Management, Project Management

Setup and launch of development organizations at startups, medium enterprises and large corporates. Establishment of development and quality-assurance processes. Technical leadership, people management, and general management.

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