Dr. Ulrich Schuster
Hauptstr. 139, 10827 Berlin
+49 151 1455 1232

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Dr. Ulrich Schuster


Systems Architecture Consultant

I am fascinated by large-scale technical infrastructure and driven to improve its utility, efficiency and security by digital means. My core competencies for developing strategies and architectures of complex software-intensive systems are in

  • analyzing what is,
  • comprehending what is possible,
  • and designing what shall be.

Within this triad, I leverage my expertise in multiple technical disciplines: From hardware and software development to devops and field-operations; from transceivers to communication networks; and from the mathematical and statistical foundations to signal processing and algorithms. I complement the technical aspects with broad knowledge and experience in systemic cross-cutting concerns, such as risk analysis, regulation, standardization and certification. In addition, I command a working knowledge in business administration, product management, and controlling. Several years of experience managing R&D projects and leading diverse development teams taught me how to make the knowledge and expertise of teams effective. I think of myself as a generalized specialist and tech manager who can communicate at eye level with technical staff, business people, and regulation authorities. Most importantly, I can quickly grasp and communicate the essence of technical details and judge the ramifications abstract requirement have on a concrete design.

My strength are:

  • To fundamentally analyze complex multi-faceted problems and to abstract over them: The understanding of causal chains and drivers that underly many special cases allows me to come up with generic, robust and reusable solutions.
  • To Discover existing and to create novel structure: Because structure provides orientation and predictability, and thus is the foundation for durable and secure systems.


Professional Experience

since 2019

Founder and owner of KOING GmbH for systems architecture and technology strategy.


Vice President Development for electronic health record systems at the European healthcare IT champion CompuGroup Medical.


Head of Systems Architecture and Backend Development at the Berlin-based startup ubitricity GmbH, which develops smart-grid-ready EV charging infrastructure on the basis of mobile electricity meters.


Staff member at Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart. First as team lead in the systems engineering department for EVs and hybrids, then as Senior Manager Corporate Research for radio frequency technology and electromagnetic compatibility.


Senior Algorithmen Engineer with the Zurich-based startup Celestrius AG, which developed integrated circuits for multi-antenna WLAN.


Doctorate at ETH Zurich, with research focus on information theory, statistical signal processing and mathematical modeling. Visiting researcher at Princeton und Oulu.


Studies in electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen, and as as Fulbright-Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley (M.Sc. 2001).


Technical Expertise

Profund skills and expertise in several technical disciplines.

Domain Expertise

Mobility, energy, healthcare, R&D management.


From modeling and simulation to process workshop facilitation and people management.


I am interested in the design and operation of complex cyber-physical systems and technical infrastructure, and in integrating them with social systems and organizations. It is fascinating to bring such systems to life – from the very first ideas, throughout all phases of development, learning and optimization, until they are working flawlessly to simplify our daily work and improve our quality of life. I consider myself lucky to pursue this fascination as my profession. Even though fascinating, complex systems do not take up all of my life. You can sometimes find me at orchestra rehearsals or on stage as a vivid amateur musician, as music lover in classical concert halls, jazz clubs or on the dance floor, or as outdoor-aficionado hiking or skiing in the mountains. Sometimes, the fascination for my work mixes with leisure, when reading interesting papers or textbooks, or when I am working on small programming projects to pick up a new language.

Dr. Ulrich Schuster – Systems Architecture and Technology Strategy Expertise